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Just take orders, ship them and forget the rest. This plugin will keep you and your customers informed.

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This plugin seamlessly integrates your woocommerce store with shipping aggregators like Shiprocket, Shyplite, Nimbuspost.

Not using a shipping aggregator? No problem.
The plugin also supports “Manual Shipping” which can be used to keep the shipment data up-to-date.

Sync shipment tracking

Automatically fetches shipment tracking info via aggregator apis or via webhooks and saves it in order meta.

Save updates in order notes

Automatically adds shipment movement updates in order, either as private or customer note.

Shipment status filters

Easily filter orders based on shipment status. Take actions to increase customer satisfaction.

Update Shipment Tracking Details

Update the tracking details to your WooCommerce Orders in the Shipment Tracking Field

Keep customers informed

Send real-time shipment movement details to customers via email, sms and whatsapp.

Custom order tracking page

Use our shortcode to create beautiful order tracking page and direct tracking links to delight your customers.

Order note template

Customize order note to include various info like current status, courier name, delivery date etc.

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Push tracking info from almost any 3rd party system.

Shipment tracking made easy!!

The plugin provides several webhook receivers to update tracking data of your orders from almost any 3rd party shipping aggregators like Shiprocket, Nimbuspost etc.

Even if you are using Google Sheets or any other system to keep track of shipments, easily push those data to website via Zapier integration of our “Manual webhook receiver”.

Proactively send tracking details to customers

Highly-skilled, independent professional freelancer.

Keep your customers informed about their shipment, keep yourself informed about any delays


From customer’s my-account order history page.


From dedicated tracking page on your website.


From order notes email sent to customer.

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Excellent Plugin

5 / 5

Awesome Plugin. Works perfectly fine.

– swarnodigital

Must have plugin

5 / 5

Working great. After bug fixes its very much preferably running now. One suggestion: There should be option to assign shipping provider in bulk & sync old order status in bulk.


Working great for Shyplite

5 / 5

I have started using this plugin, and it seems to be very helpful. I had some issues initially however, after reporting the issue to support it was resolved.

– naushad786

A must have plugin for Indian wocoommerce stores

5 / 5

This plugin really solved our biggest problem of tracking sync. It is saving our time and doing the work it’s built to do. Kudos to the dev team & @amit for this great plugin. Suggestion: Would love to see INDIA POST integration. Working great. After bug fixes, it’s very much preferably running now. One suggestion: There should be the option to assign shipping providers in bulk & sync old order status in bulk.
– tryabp

Excellent plugin to connect with shiprocket

5 / 5

This is a great plugin for synchronizing tracking info of orders and the team is very responsive to cater to custom requirements. Thank You!!
– orderpal

Does the job…

5 / 5

We are using this plugin past 1 year for our site We use sprocket for shipping our orders and after we ship orders from shiprocket, this plugin automatically fetches tracking info into the orders list. Customers can track their orders so we don’t have to manually send them courier updates. It’s similar to what Amazon does!! Thanks for the plugin.
– pavitraarts


Easily add awb number, courier name, estimated delivery date, etc from backend.

  • From “Shipment Tracking” metabox on order edit page.
  • Directly from order list in woocommerce.

  • From any 3rd party source like Google sheets, Zapier etc.


The plugin automatically pulls shipment data from your shipping aggregator.

  • From “Shipment Tracking” metabox on order edit page.
  • Directly from order list in woocommerce.

  • From any 3rd party source like Google sheets, Zapier etc.